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16th September 2019



15 BSF Colony, G.T. Road,


Trading Technolgy

Enjoy freedom of trading with free trading platforms either Desktop, web or mobile. All are free to keep client's trading cost at lowest.

We committed to give customers best trading platform. Enjoy ease of trading with multiple trading options i.e. Desktop, Mobile, web, call & trade. Our motto is to provide simple, reliable and easy of use platforms which meets the need of all type of clients.


Desktop trading platform is free of cost for traders and investors. It offers ease of  trading with inbuilt tools to regular trader and investors.

  • User Friendly & Customizable: everyhing in it can be fully customized as per each user’s requirement. Edit layouts, change fonts, choose colors, and fix keyboard shortcuts. You can make is as per your specific needs so that you can trade better and faster
  • Fast Refresh Rate and Quick Bid Acceptance: It has best speed and low latency , our Desktop application streams data with the fastest possible refresh rates. Our Desktop terminals remains stable even at high loads. With cloud computing technolgy no connection loss due to particular problem at even head office level.
  • Multi Monitor support: Stream data to multiple components on multiple monitors
  • Charting: Perform technical analysis with a wide assortment of indicators in built which allows you to analyse stcok at same terminal.
  • Advanced Order Types: Multi-leg orders, cover orders and more
  • Mouse and keyboard friendly: Fully customizable and ready to make shortcuts to allow you to trade with high speed and accuracy.


Keep an eye on moving stocks and do trades from the device in your hand. We have mobile trading platforms for Equity, F&O and Currency.

  • Highly secure: Secured with two-factor authentication so unauthorized logins and accidental trades never happen.
  • Cross platform compatibility: Works with all major platforms — Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows
  • Seamless integration: Integration with Desktop and Web platforms ensures that you can track positions and orders on the go.


Our Web trading platforms allow you to trade from anywhere using web browser, no need to install software in every computer you use, just login using our web interface & start trading.

  • Powerful and light: Get all the essential features you would need to be able to trade on the web. This powerful web application can be used on any web browser
  • Charting on the web: Fully functional charts let you analyse technicals of  stocks and spot trends.
  • Connectivity: Access to the NSE and BSE from one unified window with fast web-enabled real-time rates and trades.
  • Efficient window layout: The order window like another platform is there, which allows you to place trades quickly and efficiently anytime.

Call & Trade

Stay relaxed even when your are out of technology reach or enjoying mobile & PC free holidays. You can trade with calling our executives so that you don’t miss an opportunity, whatever reason is.

  • Friendly & Responsive Team: Call to our dealers any time to trade on the behalf of you. Our representatives will pleased to help you any time and don’t let you miss any trading opportunity even in go
  • Low Costing: We made it very less to keep your cost of trading in control. We charge only Rs. 10/- per trade for call & trade facility. Charges are so less to make you comfortable to call without denting your pocket.
  • Real Time Updates: All trades done through call & trade shall be updated into your own terminals whether it is Desktop, Mobile or Web. So you can partially trade through call & trade and partially through your own without bother.