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16th September 2019



15 BSF Colony, G.T. Road,


Some Important Things You May Curious To Know.

Why Choose Us?

Best Trading Platform

  • Ease of trading with Desktop, Mobile and Web trading.
  • Call on trade option for times when technology gets halt for temporary basis.
  • All is free-reason to earn more profit at your portfolio.

Transparent Pricing with Lowest Brokerage

  • Lowest brokerage is charged to keep your trading expenses at lowest.
  • No hidden or extra transaction fees. Check charge list.
  • Everything is transparent, even a single penny charged shall be explained.

Intuitive & detailed report web-back office

  • Tax, P&L, accounts detail, funds withdrawal, holding time period, and more.
  • Single front page interactive detail of all your trades and financial history.
  • Easy to use, fully customized as per clients feedbacks.

Multi Exchange and Multi Asset Classes

  • Equity, Future & Options, Currency, Commodity

Account Opening

How long does it take to open an account?

  • Download the application form from download segment, print & fill the form & courier it to us. New account processed within 24 hours of us receiving the forms.
  • Must ensure to fill the form fully and sign all pages as per requirement. All documents should be self attested and clearly visible.
  • You can contact our back office department at their direct numbers if finding any problem filling the form, even feel free to call us if has slightest doubt how to fill it.
  • Our back office staff will be there to help you at +91-181-4045051-52 or email at backoffice@maxgrowthcap.com

What are the different types of accounts offered?

  • Trading account for equity and currency derivatives.
  • Demat account for hassle free delivery trades in cash market segment without worrying about short deliveries due to hassle of on time DIS submission.
  • Commodity account to trade commodity futures on MCX (With Innovative Commodites Pvt. Ltd.)

What are the required documents & fees for opening an account?

  • PAN, Address proof, cancelled cheque, photos, and income proof (for F&O).
  • Fee for Equity & Demat: Rs.300
  • Commodity: Rs.200
  • If you want the forms couriered to you, an extra fee of Rs.100 shall be charged.

What is the process for opening an account ?

  • Individual
  • Corporate, partnership and HUF account opening.


What are the trading platforms offered by you?

  • Desktop trading for heavy and regular traders.
  • Mobile trading through APP Available for Android, Windows and iOS.
  • Light weight web trade options to trade through any PC.
  • Charting with integrated application in all platforms to analyze your strategy.

What are the reporting options with your Back-Office?

  • Tax, P&L, accounts detail, funds withdrawal, holding time period, and more.
  • Single front page interactive detail of all your trades and financial history.
  • Easy to use, fully customization as per clients requirement.

Fund Transfer

How to deposit funds into the trading account?

  • Through Instant payment gateway within the trading platform.
  • Through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.
  • Direct Deposit of cheques into our accounts. Know More

How to withdraw funds from the trading account?

  • Place withdrawals request through back-office.
  • Or email us at accounts@maxgrowthcap.com

Low Cost and Full Transparency

What are your trading charges?

  • All charges are as per exchanges and govt. rules.
  • All are disclosed on your KYC as well on our website.

Do you charge any hidden charges?

  • No, we don’t charge any hidden charges, every thing is transparent.
  • Detail of charges is given on our website. Know More

How do get the detail of charges charged.

  • At the end of day we send contract note and another required reports at your registered email id
  • Check them regularly to know what is charged to you.
  • Still has confusion, you may contact us in working hours; every penny charged shall be explained.

Client/ Investor Awareness

How to stop un-authorized trade into my account?

  • Don’t share your trading credentials with any one.
  • Regularly change your password and other credentials.
  • Don’t allow anybody to trade without your permission into your trading account with even if somebody promises you to gain through unique strategy.
  • Keep your email id and mobile number up-to-date with MaxGrowth Capital Pvt. Ltd, so that all trade confirmations and contract note emails receive you on time.
  • Keep checking your back office on regularly basis, and inform head office immediately if anything un-authorized figured out.

Do you provide any fixed return on my investment?

  • No & Never, we are a stock broking company, and do not provide any portfolio management services (PMS), so don’t get caught into fake promises of fixed return.
  • We don’t and we can’t promise any fixed return on your investments.
  • Investments made by you are entirely a subject to market risk, please read risk disclosure document and other policies carefully before starting trade.
  • If anybody promises you fixed return and represent him/her as company representative, immediately inform us at compliance@maxgrowthcap.com
  • You may address your queries before paying anything at our head office at +91-181+4045051-52 or email us at compliance@maxgrowthcap.com.

Can I handover cash money to anyone representing as company employee?

  • No, you must not pay in hand of anyone; we don’t accept any Cash/DD or pay order. We only accept payment either through cheques or through NEFT/RTGS only.
  • Don’t pay cash to anybody, even person representing himself/herself as most senior official of Max Growth Capital Pvt. Ltd.
  • Preferably transfer funds online to company or pay through only properly crossed cheque.
  • Must read the “dos and don’ts of fund transfers” before fund transfer, on fund transfer page. Know more